Nuclear Medicine:

Asco Nuclear Medicine

ASCO represents leading manufacturers of high quality Nuclear Medicine instrumentation and energy measurement products such as dose calibrators, thyroid uptake systems, wipe test counters, chromatogram scanner, surgical gamma probes, environmental monitoring systems, quality assurance and gamma cameraoject .

We supply a full line of lead-lined cabinetry and shielding products including shielded hoods, dose drawing stations and personnel protective shielding.

We provide a full line of PET products including, Hot cells, mini cells, disposing cells ,shielded hoods, radiochemical hoods, places for aseptic work, shielding equipment and other specific radiation protection solutions against alpha-, ß- and γ-radiation, laboratory equipment like containers, safes, tables and lead shielding, manipulators, facilities for the production of the radiochemicals and radiopharmaceutical.

In addition, ASCO supply "turnkey" projects for radioactive waste management systems. ASCO engineers are glad to work with you to design and realize "turnkey" solutions for radiochemical and radiopharmacy laboratories thanks to years-experience into this field.