About Us

Advanced Systems Company in few words

Advanced Systems Company (ASCO) is a Saudi medical specialty company, which engages mainly, in medical equipment marketing, medical physics services, medical equipment maintenance and medical equipment purchasing consultations. ASCO was established in early 1998 with its headquarter in Riyadh and a branch in the Western Province.

ASCO is a multi disciplinary entity, which has onboard a group of medical professionals who possess broad knowledge and long experiences in the fields of medical physics, biomedical engineering, nuclear medicine and health physics.

Through its professional and reliable business deliberations, ASCO has gained trust and interest of many medical professionals and succeeded to build very strong and well-established business relationships with both government and private bodies.

In terms of marketing, ASCO has succeeded in acquiring agencies of several Internationally prominent companies in different fields of radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging and medical physics such as PTW, Med-Tec, Huestis, IMS, and others. As a result the company has became reliable and indispensable source for all customers in the country of Saudi Arabia.

Medical equipment maintenance services cover repair and maintenance of multi-vendor diagnostic medical equipment and in this regard ASCO has very well trained service engineers with long experiences who are capable of delivering services very close to the OEM. In addition, ASCO has well-established reliable sources of spare parts for even very old equipment.