About Service Depatment


● Since Establishing ASCO, the strategic aim was to be involved in the biomedical services and spare parts supply of the medical equipment's basing on the previous medical specialization and experience of the owners.

● The owners of ASCO believed strongly that providing the full support to the customers is one of the main targets, accordingly they decided from day one to build a strong biomedical service division responding professionally to all customers equipment need for emergency repair, preventive maintenance (P.P.M) and operation training.

● These services is directed first towards the equipment related to ASCO's agencies, second to the multivendor (MV) equipment.

● ASCO 's biomedical division comprises specialized, experienced and formally trained team of engineers, their technical level is very close to the O.E.M level ( Original Equipment Manufacturer).

● ASCO supported that service division by a well-established reliable source of spare parts for even very old equipment.

1. Service for equipment related to ASCO's agencies:-
● These equipment is sold (to market) by our sales department and which we are the agent for.
● ASCO 's professional engineers perform the installation, repair, P.P.M and calibration for the following specialties:
(a) X-Ray , Mammography (Giotto) unit [Diagnosing breast Cancer].
(b) Brachy- Therapy (Source radiation system) which give treatment for cancer patients using a real radio-active source [Nucletron].
(c) Nuclear Medicine instrument & energy measurement products:

  • Dose calibrators.
  • Thyroid uptake system.
  • Surgical Gamma probes.
  • Environmental monitoring systems.
  • Q.A for Gamma Cameras.
  • Shielded hoods.
  • Facilities for production of radio chemicals & radio pharmaceutical.
  • Design turn- key projects for radioactive waste management systems.

(d) Quality control equipment:
  • Establishing the correct operating performance (Q.A) of the diagnosing imaging equipment (X-Ray, CT, MRI) including the acceptance tests.
(e) Radiation protection systems:
  • Health physics equipment.
  • Radiation monitoring systems.
  • Dosimetery services.
In the above mentioned specialties ASCO's have the highly recognized agencies like Nucletron, IMS/Giotto, Capintec, PTW, Fluke, Gammex, Huestis & Lap Laser.
2. Services for MV (Multi-Vendor) equipment:-

● ASCO 's qualified engineers provide a fantastic job in doing preventive maintenance (P.P.M) and repair of diagnostic equip (Fixed & Mobile X-Ray, C-Arm, Fluoroscopy, Panoramic X-Ray & ultrasound) equipment to the well-recognized contractor companies covering all the hospitals in Saudi Arabia.
3. Our Service Contracts:-

● ASCO 's service department is involved & responsible for 3 types of contracts:
(a) - Contracts for capital equipment related to our agencies like Brachy therapy suits including the same manufacturer X-Ray simulator (King Faisal Specialist Hospital & RC – Riyadh, National Guard Hospital- Riyadh & King Fahad Specialist Hospital – Dammam).
- Contracts for Mammography unit (I.M.S Giotto) [Maternity & Children Hospital-AlHassa, King Saud Medical Complex – Riyadh, King Khalid Hospital – Majma'ah, Abdul Latif Cancer society - Riyadh].
(b) Huge amount of contracts related to multi-vendor (M.V) equipment:
(About 30 service contracts covering diagnostic X-Ray, Ultrasound equipment in all hospitals of Saudi Arabia.
(c) Internal contracts with ASCO 's project department covering a lot of X-Ray, C-Arm, Fluoroscopy ultrasound equipment of hospitals in Saudi Arabia. (about 23 contract)